Throwing a birthday party surely will create a huge hole in the pocket. But if you plan it well, you can still manage to throw a party without spending too much. Below mentioned are 15 points which will help you to conduct the birthday party on a budget.

Stretch your planning-  You need to plan your supplies for the party well in advance as it will give you time to compare between shops and find out who offers less price.  For the return gifts, it is ideal if you do some research before deciding on those gifts to find the best that fits your budget. Toy review experts is great to help you in this regard.

  • Timing is everything- You need to plan your party in between lunch and dinner time so that the guests don’t expect a full
  • Double up- If the kid’s birthday falls on a date closer to a friend’s birthday, then you can opt for a dual party so that both the parents can split the cost.
  • Go digital- When the invitations are sent, do opt for the digital invitation as the paper invites will cost you more.
  • Avoid buying everything from party stores- The party stores will usually charge more items which you could find easily at a lower price in other shops. Hence, shop online what is actually required from these shops.
  • Opt out- When the children are small and they don’t understand what a party is, then you should skip the party that year. You can easily organize a picnic with your kid.
  • Try out personalized craft activity. It will eliminate the cost of goody bags.
  • Order online- All the things you need for the party, purchase it from online shows as it will help in curbing the impulse purchases.
  • Bake your own cake
  • Dress up the humble supplies- You should decorate all the supplies to give it a special look.