We cannot deny the fact that technology has brought about a paradigm shift in our day to day lives. Our kids are growing up in a world that has machines everywhere. From the moment they are in the womb, where they are monitored with the help of a machine to schools where they learn with the help of gadgets and devices, technology is omnipresent.

The children are spending more time in the virtual space than ever before. This makes it essential that they follow certain parental guidelines and learn to be more responsible when their online behavior is concerned. This is added the responsibility of the parents and teachers that they instruct children in the matters of online presence, use of social media and browsing of safe websites.

Though it seems that children spend more time online but parents can ensure that their time is limited, with mutually discussed and decided time schedules for studies and outdoor activities. You can get some games that the children really like. For example, swings, trampoline and a tent cozy enough for the kids and some toys are safe to be put up on the lawn. You can see this page, for many such good ideas. This will ensure that the children will definitely spend their free time outside the house, away from gadgets and their friends will also enjoy being with them.

Being innovative is important for parents to ensure the right use of technology for their kids. They should be aware of and be comfortable with the latest technology but at the same time, good habits like reading and outdoor playing need to be encouraged too. This is the only way their creative side will flourish and they will do well academically.

Many parents get confused themselves as they find these new gadgets very intimidating. They want their child to use every new device as they do not want him to be left behind. The right balance of technology and traditional bringing up is difficult but not difficult for parents. The right approach will help them in finding the right solution for their child.