Top Secrets to Save Money on Tech

The lack of proper technical knowledge often leads us to spend a fortune in repairing electronics or replacing them. Here are a few simple tricks that can save you money.

  1. To prevent overheating of the laptop: Usually, electronics die a premature death due to overheating. You can counter that by placing some cutlery under the laptop to allow air circulation that will keep the device cool.
  2. Hands-free selfies: Why to spend on selfie sticks when your apple headphones can do the job. Just by clicking the “+” button you can capture selfies with your hands remaining where they should.
  3. Rely on Apps: There are hordes of apps that can help you save money in case you are not able to do it yourself. These apps can sync with your bank accounts and keep track of your expenditure. You can set a weekly or a fortnightly budget and the app will alert you when you cross the limit.
  4. Travel cheaper: Make it a habit to delete all your cookies and browse travel sites incognito. These sites are so designed that when someone comes back for the second time the prices are increased. But when you check incognito you will appear as a first timer and the chances of you getting deals are higher.
  5. Turn of WIFI assist: Not all places will have good WIFI to overcome this shortage your device has a feature called WIFI assist which will connect to your 4G the minute the WIFI is weak. As a result, you end up paying more in data charges and won’t even be aware unless you are alert. Turn off this feature and save yourself valuable dollars.
  6. Don’t allow notifications: Every time your phone pings with a notification it drains your battery. But by turning off these notifications you can save the battery and increase its longevity.

Of course, the other option is to get coupons on couponobox and get great deals on your purchases.

What Are Payday Loans and the Best Options Available

We have all been here!

There is something about the word the loan that used to put me off till I was working and making my own money. I used to believe that we must steer away from taking loans however hard the circumstances are simply because it builds immense pressure on us to repay the institution.

I come from a home where my parents struggled to pay back:

I have sent the kind of humiliation hat my parents felt when we could pay on time and we used to get constant reminders for paying up or relinquishing rights over some property or the other.

I believed there is more dignity in sustenance and minimalism than constantly worrying about repaying and answering creditors.

But payday loans are a whammy!!

I am already into the third week of my month when my bank account s sullenly low. There is absolutely no fund for doing anything worthwhile and I always wonder if it is with everyone like that. Turns out that it is!

A friend who works at my office spilled the beans telling me about payday loans. There are so many options that I had to read them up in a week to understand which one was good for me.

But of course I decided to go in for the one that my friend bought from:

The payday loans resort term loans and they are a boon to people like me. I had to not worry about the repayment also because the repayment is managed by my bank directly. I only had to hand over three salary receipts and voila! No processing time or fee. Yes, you heard it right. The loans are free!

The interest rates are so low that I could easily afford them even on the stringiest on budgets. If you are not yet convinced how good these payday loans are, I suggest that you read about them on