I love starwalkkids because of the plethora of toys with which I can spoil my kid’s rot. In case you already did not know to spoil your kids is beneficial in the long run and good for your child’s self-esteem and psyche.

Not convinced? Read on and you will agree with me by the end of the article.

  1. With nice things comes responsibility. Yes, when you gift your kids something that they really want they will learn to take care of it; they will learn to be more responsible; they will learn to put things back from where they take and they will learn to value not only the gift but the act of giving gifts. Of course, you must gently make them understand if they are really young that good things must be taken good care of and believe you me kids will amaze you with their care taking skills.
  2. They are deserving: All children are born with loving qualities; they are in fact like wet clay in your hands. You can mold them any way you want. Hence, these tiny beings filled with love deserve nothing but the best; they need to be shown they are loved to bits and that you will give them nothing but the best.
  3. It builds trust: When you gift your kids’ expensive toys or maybe even a phone you are conveying the message that you trust them to take good care of the product. this will build their self-esteem and also will help them to trust you. This is investing for a future of trust and mutual respect between the child and you.
  4. Makes them happy: A happy child makes a home happy and spreads so much joy all around that it just feels good.
  5. Inculcates a spirit of giving: Only when kids receive nice things will they want to give nice things to others too.

Parting thoughts

Spoil your kids with love and gifts but do teach them the value of things and you will never have to deal with a spoilt brat.